SUMMARY (Revised): console for VS3100

From: Stephen Campbell (
Date: Wed Jan 04 1995 - 07:36:46 CST

My original query:

> We have an old Vaxstation 3100 that we would like to use as a server. In
> other words we'd like to take off the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, and use
> the serial port as the console. Later processors like the MIPS and Alpha
> have well-defined ways to do this. But I cannot figure out how to get the
> VS3100 to use the serial port as its console. Any help would be
> appreciated.

I received several swift replies. The answer (this from Jan M. Holzer) is:

        a VS3100 can be converted into a server by switching the
        S3 switch 8*)) ... this switch is at the back of your VS3100
        looking at the back it should be a very small whole next to
        the selftest lights .
        After switching the S3 switch you can plug in an external console
        to the printer port (if I remember correctly) and you should
        be all set .

This is the correct solution, but be advised that some Vaxstation 3100's (mine
at least) did NOT have any such switch visible on the back. The switch was
there, but the back plastic cover panel did not have a cutout to make the
switch accessible. I had to remove the back panel by removing the plastic
plate that contains the DEC logo and serial numbers and removing 2 screws, and
then cutting a small hole in the plastic panel to expose S3 (a single switch).

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