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Here is an update to the mime mail summary I previously

It seems there is a PD GUI based mailtool for mime complient mail.

exmh Is a tcl/tk based front-end that requires MH as a
        a backend. This is definitely Mime complient. exmh is
        available at
        MH 6.8 and above support Mime through the mnh program.

Also recieved mail about:

Ishmail A commercial product. For more information, see or
        /halsoft/ishmail, or send mail to

Thanks to:


It apears that there is no gui based PD software mail tools
available that are MIME complient. there was mention of using
mh and xmh, but I could not find and documentation that stated
that this is a MIME complient mail package. So... The consensus
was to use Pine. Available from:

I have ftp'd Pine and it looks pretty good so far !!!
I plan on using Sun's mailtool (for GUI convienence, and running
pine if there is any mime attachments).

Thanks for all the responses (10 in all)

2 replies to use Elm (supports MIME using metamail)
        metamail is available at:

4 replies to use Pine available at:

1 reply to us Z-Mail (comercial package from ncd)

2 replies stating that solaris 2.x mailtool is MIME
        complient. ( I was interested in 1.x, but never mentioned
        that in my request)

1 reply to look at mh or xmh (I can't guarantee MIME

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