SUMMARY: SPRACprinter interface

From: Paul A. Hepp (
Date: Tue Jan 03 1995 - 11:54:22 CST

Thanks for the info:

>>From: Kenneth.Erickson@Eng.Sun.COM (Ken Erickson)
>>From: (Sanford Whitehouse)
>>From: (Jeff Wasilko)
>>From: (Gary W. Cook)
>>From: (Birger A. Wathne)
>>From: "James Ashton" <>
>>From: (Tim Wort)
>>From: (Syed Zaeem Hosain)

Original question:
>>How do I find out the type of interface my SPRACprinter uses?
>>Serial or Parallel?

"The SPARCprinter uses a special video interface (lpvi). It
is neither serial or parallel.

Won't work. Of course, you can put the Sparcstation the printer
is attached to on the net. The printer needs a sparcstation
in order to function, since it is simply a raster imaging engine.
All the rasterization is done on the workstation, and sent as a
video image to the printer." - Ken Erickson

"If it's the SPARCprinter II, it uses the
parallel port on Sun's, but I won't guarantee that it's being used like
a standard parallel port...." - Birger Wathane

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