SUMMARY: TCP to X.25 conversion? - Addendum

From: Mike Daffey (mcegate!
Date: Sat Dec 31 1994 - 20:09:24 CST

I wrote:
>Received a number of replies, some recommending the Sunlink X.25
>product. This is possibly an option, but is not a preferred one because
>the only APIs are socket interface which won't be supported in the
>future and a network level interface which doesn't look very portable.

Received a message from Steve McKinty of the X.25 development group
saying that the socket interface to Sunlink X.25 _would_ be supported
in the future but that the streams api is recommended for new apps for
reasons of efficiency, ease of use and access to future enhancements.

So rest easy those with lots invested in the socket interface to X.25. I
_thought_ I was quoting the manual accurately.!

Mike Daffey (

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