SUMMARY How to reset an invalid eeprom value on a 3/50

From: Doug Otto (
Date: Thu Dec 29 1994 - 22:47:55 CST

Thanks to all who replied to this one. There were several responses suggesting I
telnet into the machine and reset using the eeprom command. Since the machine was
crashing during the boot cycle that really wasn't an option.

The solution was suggested by probably 20 people:

Right after power-on, hit L1-N and hold until the self-test completes. This
resets all values to factory defaults. It may require further tweaking to get the
machine to boot, but at least you can see the ROM monitor prompt. :-)

Thank you, oh wise ones.

Original message was as follows:

I did something REALLY stupid this evening and managed to set my display res to a
number my framebuffer will not support. Consiquently I can't boot and can't see
the screen to change the setting. At one point in the past I was doing some
diagnostics and reset the diagdev to console, so I can't even get in through the
serial port.

Is there a way to reset to eeprom to defaults. At least if I could get the screen
to come up, I could get things reset. Any help would be greatly appreciated,
right now this thing is dead in the water.

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