SUMMARY: nfs_server: bad sendreply

Date: Thu Dec 29 1994 - 17:47:09 CST

>we started getting tonnes of these messages after a reboot recently. i assume
>some of the many many machines with nfs mounts to this machine have a hitch in
>the nfs protocol, as most i've tested are using the nfs mounts without apparent
>what is the problem and how can i identify and correct the problem machines?
one response, from our local Sun VAR. that indicated a problem but the method
of running down the problem (using snoop on Solaris 2.x) allowed me to use one
of our Solaris machine to run snoop and find the problem node. cleared the
nfs mount on it and we're running without bothersom messages once again.
thanks to Don.
John Jenkinson
BP Exploration (Alaska)

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