Help! Who has the pkginfo summary?

From: Ruben Ruiz (
Date: Thu Dec 29 1994 - 15:53:04 CST

       Hi Managers!

    A couple of weeks ago, someone had a problem with a server, and had
to copy the packages from another computer to a new disk. Then, somehow,
he was able to re-install the packages by using the pkginfo files. I have
now the same problem and i am not able to reinstall them. I need to
reinstall the stuff before saturday. Please, please, please, is someone
has the summary, send it to me, or any ideas are wellcome. I have a disk
with SUNWmotif installed, but no pkginfo files at all. I need to use that
disk to install another computer. I have already taken a look at the
Archived Summaries at, but this one is not there.
Thanks a lot!

Ruben Ruiz

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