SUMMARY: 28,8 USRobotics modem

From: Erin O'Neill (
Date: Wed Dec 28 1994 - 08:51:28 CST

I always try to give you all a lot of info & great detail in a clear &
concise form but this time I must have really failed...

Well I got a number of answers & a couple of me toos. However, none
of the answers worked - though I'm sure some of the answers helped me
in the end. I did set the getty back to 19,2 as I was told the ALM is
a little flakey much faster than that.
Kenneth at Sun held my hand on the Sun side & got me using tip (I
don't have uucp so I was too lazy to set up a /etc/remote file, which
I now have for one of my modems :) ). This made it easier to debug
the darn thing.

I finally got thru to US Robotics & even though he said he really didn't
know any UNIX he knew enough. Here's what I did:
I installed the jumbo tty patch.
Dip switches:
2 5 6 7 9 10 are up (on)
rest are down.

Then you give the following commands to the modem:

The &f2 = software error control template
s0=1 = answer on one ring
(&f1 = hardware error control template).

then I did:
kill -1 1
ps -aux |grep ttyd8
kill -9 getty_pid
(though I think all I really needed to do was kill the getty for

My gettytab looks like this (I know that some of it is for hardware
setup - all my modems go to this getty & the hardware stuff doesn't
seem to get in the way):


Thanks to all for the replies:

Original questionL
> I thought this was one of those things I could breeze through &
> not need anyone's help. WRONG! I have set up (10) 14,4 modems with
> absolutely no problems. One of my VIPs has finally upgraded their
> modem on the SUN from 2400e to 28,8 and I can NOT for the life of me
> get this thing to answer.
> Prior to this new modem I had the modem setup to 19,200 since it had
> MNP 5. At first I setup the modem & just added it to the sun without
> changing the getty to 38400. It didn't work. So I set it up to 38400
> and it still refused to answer (it did dial out on a PC).
> Here's the particulars:
> 670 MP
> ALM board (using ttyd8)
> SunOs 4.1.3_U
> UsRobotics 28,800 (I've tried both a courier & a sportster)
> I've tried using both the 19,200 that I use for the 14,4 modems
> & the 38400. Neither answer.
> ttytab:
> ttyd8 "/usr/etc/getty std.38400" vt100 on modem #
> gettytab:
> g|std.19200|19200-baud:\
> :sp#19200:p8:pd:ms=crtscts:
> h|std.38400|38400-baud:\
> :sp#38400:\
> :p8:ms=crtscts:
> I also applied the patch 100513-04 that someone recommeded in their
> Summary of adding a 28,8 modem.
> The modem has had a couple of setups but UsRobotics recommended:
> AT&F&B1&H1&R2&K3&X7S13=1&W" I also made sure that the S register 0
> was set to be 1 so the darn thing would answer. I set the following dip
> switches ON 3,4,5,8 This translates into:
> 3 = display result codes
> 4 = no echo, offline commands
> 5 = suppress auto answer ( I tried this in both positions - no answer)
> 8 = enable AT command set
> I'm convinced I need another patch or maybe it's the gettytab??
> This should be soooo easy that I thought for sure I'd get it up
> & going & would get a nice holiday feather-in-my-cap but alas.
> Oh I did go out & get the document to read all about
> attaching a ZyXEL modem to a sun.... It didn't give me any more
> info really than the Sun Manual gave me (I'm not using UUCP on
> this modem so I ignored that part).
> Please help.... I don't want to spend my holidays working on
> this......
> thanks.
> erin

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