From: Bambang Sugiantoro (
Date: Tue Dec 27 1994 - 07:51:15 CST

Hello Sun Managers,

I'm sorry for late in giving the sumarize/correction, cause the SS20 is on the remote location and there is a Christmas Holiday.
My previous question was:

>I have SS20 with Solaris 1.1.1B that connected to Toshiba XM4401 CDROM (id 6).
>The problem is, when booting there is message
> sr0 .... unrecognize vendor TOSHIBA ....bla,bla,bla
>When I tried to mount the cd with mount -rt hsfs /dev/sr0 /cdrom , give a
> ... mount give up.
>But if I use the old SUNCD (SONY 8012B) it's ok.
>Unfortunately I don't have this TOSHIBA XM4401 CDROM manual.
>I'll try to search in the /sys/scsi/targets, I found nothing for CD
>definition (compare with st_conf.c for defining new tape drive entry).

I was wrong at that time. The CD-ROM is Toshiba XM4101 (same with the new SUN CD-DRIVE), and the user put a MAC CDROM software (not HSFS or not 4.2 file system) that why that CD never be able to be mounted. The user told me the message " ...unrecognize vendor TOSHIBA ..." that make me confused.

But after I went there and put the SOLARIS 1.1B CD or ISO-9660 (HSFS) CD-ROM, it can be mounted eventhough the message "sr0 .... uncrecognize vendor TOSHIBA ..." when booting still appears. Anyway the CD-drive work normal.

So I revised the question to:

"How to make/patch the kernel to recognize this TOSHIBA XM4101 CD-ROM, so no error message anymore when booting"

But according to CDROM FAQ I got from Nate Itkin

         There will not be any errors; all the system is telling you is
  that the sr driver does not recognize anything other than Sony and
  Hitachi (SunOS 4.1.3). You can try to correct this if you are into
  "If you've got the source of the SunOS CDROM device driver (sr.c), you could
  add a line to the sr_drivetypes[] array of structures and specify the
  Toshiba and its (SCSI) capabilities. "
  [courtesy (Adrie Koolen)]
This file (sr.c) is what I'm looking for.

Thank's to
- rwing! (Pat Myrto)
- "Harry H. Sun" <>
- (Duc Vu)
- (Johnny Hui)
- Nate Itkin <>
- (Russ Poffenberger)

best regards

Bambang Sugiantoro

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