SUMMARY: Netbooting Voyager from a Solaris 1.1.1B Server

From: Salvatore Saieva (merccap!
Date: Thu Dec 22 1994 - 16:25:48 CST

A few responses in from yesterday regarding my question on netbooting a Voyager
from a Solaris 1.1.1B (aka SunOS 4.1.3_U1) server. All replies I received said
that the Voyager requires (at least) Solaris 2.3 hardware 5/94. Solaris 1 is not

Before asking, I did do some leg work and found this item:

        From: Sun Managers Frequently Asked Question, Dec 21, 1994
                Section (9.1):
                SunOS 4.x configurations:
                ... [text deleted]
                SPARCstation Voyager, SPARCstation 5: SunOS 4.1.3_U1B

Seems like an error in the FAQ since replies to my E-mail and tests booting
on Solaris 1.1.1B indicate the Voyager doesn't do SunOS.

Many thanks to:

uunet!Eng.Sun.COM!Jane.Medefesser (Jane Medefesser)
Casper Dik <uunet!!casper>
Steve Lee <uunet!!steve>



Original post:

> I'm having problems netbooting a Sun Voyager. I've configured a sun4m client on > my server and built a generic kernel for swapping across the net. The server > is running Solaris 1.1.1B (aka SunOS 4.1.3_U1). The Voyager loads the boot code > from the net, and then begins to boot vmunix. Then I get the errors: > > ledmao at SBus slot 5 0xc800000 pri 3 (sbus level 2) > le0: warning: bad register specification > . > . [boot msgs deleted] > . > MMCODEC: manufacturer id 1, rev 2 > panic on cpu0: getblockdev: No devices to boot off of? > > FAQ's I've read suggest that the Voyager does run Solaris 1.1.1B. Is something > special needed? > > Sal.

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