SUMMARY:What is SYNTAX for unusual remote file systems for automounts?

From: Henry Katz (
Date: Fri Dec 23 1994 - 00:26:31 CST

Thanks to all for prompt answers:

Marcel Bernards <bernards@ECN.NL>
Hal Stern <stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM>
Bismark Espinoza <>
Russ Bebb <>

The QUESTION was how does one specify the syntax for an indirect automount map
for unconventionally named (typically non-unix) filesystems that are exported
via NFS ie:

sun# showmount -e some_os
j:\ordure (everyone)
m:\conasse (everyone)

The ANSWER is to set up /etc/auto_other as follows:

localordure some_os:"j:\ordure"
localcon some_os:"m:\conasse"

and of course put this in your /etc/auto_master:

/opt auto_opt
/other auto_other

The double quotes are key.

Hope I didn't offend many with my colorful phraseology.

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