SUMMARY: Accounting for PCL printers

From: Jerry.Hagon (
Date: Thu Dec 22 1994 - 10:52:21 CST

My question

> does anyone know of any public domain software to do accounting for PCL
> printers? We have an HP 4MP laser printer which we are about to connect to
> our SUN IPX and I would like to set up two queues, one for Postscript and
> the other for PCL.

I got two replies to this question from

Gert Poletiek ( and
Christian Gresser (

neither solution was quite what I was looking for and I have not tried them
yet but they may help others in a similar predicament.

Here are the responses, first from Gert Poletiek (

If your printer talks PJL (besides PCL and PostScript) and your Sun IPX
runs solaris 1 or 2.x I may have a solution for you.

We use 7 HP SiMX printers connected to our IP networks. We send data to the
printer using HP's hpnpf filter (ftpable from and collect the
accouting information using some PJL statements after each job.
The accouting file format we use is compatible with Berkeley's pac software.

The filter also includes a postscript bannerpage which you can adapt to your
own needs.

If you're interested, drop a note, as I don't have this filter in our ftp
archive just yet.


from Christian Gresser ( I
received the following:

I faced a similar problem a few months ago and found the
following solution:
(I still didn't try it yet, because accounting is no longer
needed here).

> SUMMARY: Postscript page counting
> We've got a HP LaserJet 4Si which is connected via Ethernet with it's
> own IP adress. For this printer I found a program called hpfilter
> (an hpnp front-end filter that does page accouting) from
> William LeFebvre ( which can be found at
> as /pub/hpfilter.tar.Z. It is known to work with SunOS 4.1.2
> but I didn't try it yet.
> There might by similar solutions for other printers too.

As far as I remember, this program used PCL for accounting.

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