Pre-SUMMARY: Rearranging IP Numbers [4.1.3_U1B]

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Thu Dec 22 1994 - 03:16:44 CST

I wrote:

> Thus, I really *need* a *working* Cheat Sheet on how to change the IP
> Numbers of SUN Clusters running 4.1.3_U1B, consisting of heterogenous
> Servers, diskless, swapful, and diskful Clients, and some Machines which
> are swapful Clients *and* have Lots of local Disks (namely our Mail,
> News, FTP, Gopher, and WWW Server).

Good News:
a) The CC of our U clarified that they will continue to support old IP
   Numbers after D-Day. This actually means that I'll have a working
   Config to go back to if a Reconfig Attempt fails, and that I'll find
   my Hosts up & running after Xmas Holidays. Great Feeling. ;-)
b) In the 8 Hours since I sent the Request, I received LOTS of Replies,
   with Pointers I didn't think of before, and even different Approaches
   on how to prepare for such a Transition.

Not-So-Good News:
Most Suggestions, if taken as they are, would fail (either because they're
specific and miss some Files, or because they mention general Fields which
have nasty Details one doesn't necessarily think of). There's one promising
"how to search" Suggestion, and the Collection of all Files explicitly
mentioned looks good as well, however. The third main Category - set
the System to unconfigured State and let the automatic Config Routines
kick in - is most probably guaranteed to fail unless you un- and reinstall
every single Client on the Server(s) completely.

Since the complete Summary is pretty long (6k), I saved it and a Perl
Script I received on our anon FTP Server,
Directory /pub/sunos/ChangeIP/. I'll update this with Responses coming
in and my own Experiences once I'm underway.

Very coarse Summary: 28 Suggestions, 15 giving Lists of Files, 5 describing
Search Techniques, 3 using de-Configuration, 1 "do it with ifconfig on
running Hosts", the Remainder giving general Hints.

Thanks again, have a merry Xmas and a happy new Year,
                                                                        J. Bern

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