SUMMARY: NIS slave server over a router

From: dave (dave@solar.exar.COM)
Date: Thu Dec 22 1994 - 02:53:33 CST


Thanks for the responses. Most of the responses that I got were VERY close, the
prize goes to who gave me an old sunmanager summary on
how to setup a NIS across a router. I had to startup a new portmap process to
get the slave server to bind to the client ...

In a nutshell, this is what I had to do in this order ,

1.) On the slave, startup a new portmap process, run ypbind in promicuous mode,
and run ypset to force binding to the master server ...

# /usr/etc/portmap
# domainname
# /usr/etc/ypbind -ypsetme
# /usr/etc/yp/ypset master_server_name

2.) On the master, rerun ypinit, adding the slave host to the list of servers

# /usr/etc/yp/ypinit -m

3.) On the slave, run ypinit to get the maps from the server

# /usr/etc/yp/ypinit -s master_server_name

4.) reboot the slave machine

THis worked great. I guess my problem was the hostname to IP address translation
between the master and the slave, eventhough I had both in the /etc/hosts files
on both machines. The documentation says that ypbind sends out a broadcast
message to find servers to bind to. Broadcast packets do not go beyond a
subnet which explains why it never found the master, which is on a different

The interesting part to me is that I am just running normal ypbind on the
slave machine now and it can communicate with the master just fine now. In
other words, I only had to run ypbind -ypsetme just to make the initial
bind to the master and get all of the maps.

Anyway the problem is fixed. Thanks to the following:

Merry Christmas !!

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