SUMMARY: Diskless Solaris 2.3 OpenWindows Error Message

From: Steve Lee (
Date: Thu Dec 22 1994 - 01:25:34 CST

The original question was:

I've tried to run two diskless Solaris 2.3 systems and have gotten
the same message both times when I've tried to start OpenWindows
after boot:
Binding Unix socket: Illegal argument
Fatal Server Error: Cannot establish unix listening socket
giving up
After this, there are the standard X errors saying xinit can't
connect. Any ideas why this is taking place? The two systems are
a SPARC 2 and a SPARC SLC, and the boot system is a SPARC 10
running 2.3 with all of the mandatory patches.

The answer came from Casper Dik ( who correctly

Have you patched the clients with the same revision of the kernel
jumbo patch? That is required.

And of course, I hadn't. Once I had installed the kernel patch
101318-59 using installpatch -R, everything booted fine. Thanks also
to William Charles ( for his input.

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