Summary: 1/2" Tape Problems

From: David Brophy (david@kate.ccohs.CA)
Date: Wed Dec 21 1994 - 23:08:33 CST

My original message:
# Hello. We are having problems accessing our 1/2" tape drive. The mt
# and tar commands always return "Device busy". We have a Fujitsu 6250
# tape drive and a Xylogics 472 tape controller on a Sun 4/380 with
# SunOS 4.1.1. We have removed the tape, cleaned the heads and tried
# again with the same result.

My summary:
We did manage to get our 1/2" tape drive back on line, the hard way. I
searched for any processes which might be keeping control of the drive but
there weren't any. We did a cold boot and when the machine came back up
the tape drive was fine. This is not the best solution, but it worked!

Thanks to:
Rich Schultz
Imad Succari
Dave Weitzel

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