SUMMARY: dump v ... failing. Why?

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Wed Dec 21 1994 - 07:39:51 CST

I wrote:

> I'm using a homegrown Script to backup on the Weekend in multiuser Mode.
[Unrelated Stuff deleted]
> I recently added the Capability to verify single FSes
> (dump v) and engaged that for some FSes I considered stable.
> Remote Backups, including the ones doing Verification, seem to be
> just fine. Some local dumps fail consistently during the Verification;

I'm still not really through, but it was pointed out to me that quiescent
FS != no Changes to Files and Dirs; Even without such Changes, the Kernel
may choose to rearrange the FS's Structure, causing Verification to fail.
Thus, Verification in a Backup Script meant to run in Multiuser is a dead
Donkey. :-}

Thanks to:
Larry Ash <>
Markus Buchhorn <>
Kevin Inscoe <kpi@>

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