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Date: Wed Dec 21 1994 - 05:52:14 CST

My original question was:
> Has anyone set up an HPGL plotter on SunSparc 20 under Solaris-2.3 ?
> The plotter I have is an HP7585a, and this model is'nt in the
> /usr/share/lib/terminfo directory.
> Any information for setting up the HP7585a would be greatly
> appreciated...

Thanks to John Malick ( for the SUMMARY and Claude Charest
( for his help.

In the past I have setup plotters with generic settings and let the software,
CAD, GIS or whatever create a plot file correct for the plotter. This setup
has worked fine for many HP plotters I have set up in the past.

1. Start admintool
2. Go to printer setup
3. Setup a local printer choosing the name, comment, and port the plotter is
        hooked to.
4. For printer/plotter type choose "tty". If its not a choice just enter it
5. For file contents choose any. This should allow any data to go through the
        system spooler without any filtering.

6. Add the new printer description.
7. Finally, in your software choose the correct printer driver for your plotter.
        Most apps have this particular driver, ie. AutoCad, ARC/Info, etc.


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