SUMMARY- Solaris 2.x floppy

From: Paul Silvey (
Date: Tue Dec 20 1994 - 23:46:24 CST

                      SUMMARY: Solaris 2.x floppy tar?
The trick, as several people pointed out, is to kill or disable the
volume manager deamon before trying to access the floppy with tar.
There was some variety in the way people suggested the device name,
such as "/dev/diskette", "/dev/rdiskette", "/dev/fd0c", and
"/vol/dev/aliases/floppy0". Of these, the one that seems to be most
correct is /dev/diskette.

To kill vold, use:

ps -ae | grep vold
kill <vold_pid>


sh /etc/init.d/volmgt stop

To disable vold, edit /etc/vold.conf to comment out lines pertaining to the
floppy diskette, and send a hangup signal to the deamon to get it to
re-read the config file:

ps -ae | grep vold
kill -HUP <vold_pid>

Then, to use tar, access the device as a file using /dev/diskette:

tar cvf /dev/diskette <your_files>
tar tvf /dev/diskette
tar xvf /dev/diskette

Thanks to all who responded: (Daniel R. Bidwell) (Kevin Sheehan) (Jerry Weber)
vic@raven21 (Victor Churchill) (Nico Garcia) (Yves Hardy)

My original question was:

> Solaris 2.x floppy tar?
> Sun Managers,
> I didn't see this in the FAQ. How can I use tar to read and write on a
> floppy under Solaris 2.3? I'm trying to transfer files from a Mac (using
> suntar). I can read some of the files in an archive, but only the first
> (up to some size = 1 block?), using "tar xvf
> What is the correct way to do this? I'll summarize. Thanks.
> -Paul Silvey, The MITRE Corporation

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