Summary: group priviledge problem

From: Chris Wozniak TISC (
Date: Tue Dec 20 1994 - 01:31:36 CST

I've found out what was the cause of my group access problem.
I followed the advice I received to check the group file and it
was OK. I tried newgrp - command and finally did what I should
have done at the beginning - checked the group of the directory
and (blush!! shame !!) it was daemon instead of the proper
group the of the owner. Thanks to: (John Ellsworth)
 Salvatore Saieva <merccap!> (Peter Allan)
 mona@szechuan.UCSD.EDU (Mona Wong)
 Tom Orban <> (Adam Fox)

who replied to my query and to all others for not flaming
me for my stupidity.

Chris A. Wozniak

ph. +61 9 386 8236 e-mail fax +61 9 386 6589

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