SUMMARY: X11R6 & openwin

From: Matthew Siple (
Date: Mon Dec 19 1994 - 14:50:00 CST


Thanks to all that responed.

My original questions were related to using X11R6 with OpenWin or
any other window manager. I had hoped that people would basicly tell
me to either dump olwm and go with "xxxx" because "xxxx" is so much better
or tell me how to fix the bugs I had in olwm. But unfortunatly, this
was not the case. It seems that just like the debate over wether solaris
really is better than SUN OS 4.1.x everyone has there opinion and none of them
really stand out as far superior.

>From the responses I got from several people however is to basiclly stick with
what you know . ( ie OpenWin ) There seem to be some patches that I am
missing that might clear up some of the problems I have with cut and paste
and drag and drop features.

Some of the other options given were, use ctwm, mwm, olvwm and move to

Thanks to all and to anyone I may missed.

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