SUMMARY: printing to HP Laserjet 4M plus on 2.3

From: Roman Thelen ABB Informatik GmbH (
Date: Mon Dec 19 1994 - 03:40:24 CST

Hi all,

my original question was:

> i have a HP Laserjet 4M plus on Solaris 2.3.
> After printing of a file the printer waits 30 seconds for the EOF (Ctrl D).
> Another printjob during this time gets lost.
> How do i configure the OS or the printer to fix the problem?


Chris Biggs <> wrote :

Possible solutions to your timeout problem.......

On the Printer......
Under "Job Menu" you can control the timeout (press "+" to change

On the O.S....... ( preferable solution )
Modify the model (/etc/lp/interfaces/'queue_name') and stick a
"sleep $x" in it where x equals the timeout on the printer.

Modifying /etc/lp/interfaces/'queue_name' worked but there is a error message after each printjob.


SUN Bug ID: 1137073:

There is a solution of this problem in Sunsolve.

works in the combination:
                        ascii after postscript
                        ascii after ascii
                        postscript after ascii
but not
                        postscript after postscript
the second lob is lost in space.


the combination of 1.) and 2.) works but between two postscript file the is a sheet of paper with
a ^D.


the final solution will be to connect the printer to the ethernet and install the HP printer
software on the workstation.


others recomended a software called lj4m.c
as a filter. This formats jobs correctly for either postscript or pcl
printing on a 4M printer, and also lets you change the LCD banner message.
you can get it from in /systems/ibmpc/msdos/simtel/ddjmag and one of the 1994 issues.

I got the code slightly modified from the original, and a Makefile from
Jeff Collyer <>

Many thanks to:

Chris Biggs <>
Jeff Collyer <>
Ruben Ruiz <> (John Malick) (Wolf N. Paul)
Dan Stromberg - OAC-CSG <>

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