SUMMARY: the NIS mkalias problem

From: System Administrator (
Date: Mon Dec 19 1994 - 00:14:18 CST

Hello stern,
            Here is the solution.
The make on aliases use to fail due to an incorrect entry
for YP_MASTER_NAME in the database file.
The man page of mkalias says (in the CAVEATS sec) that
this value is reset to the value returned by gethostname(2)
call, regardless of the value in the input database. -
This is FALSE. At least on our machines, it retains the value
as inserted by the sendmail program in the database file.
Now this value was pointing to a different machine not
on the NIS setup. Hence make alias failed.
(This was because I did a Dw in the sendmail file to change
my machine name).
The only fix hence is to remove this Dw entry in the
and then run make alias.
It would have been great if mkalias behaved as the man page

My original problem:

Dear Sir,
          We are trying to have a NIS map for aliases
on our NIS setup.
However the 'make' command on the master ypserver
in the /var/yp directory produces the following error:

bind_to_server clntudp_create error: RPC: Program not registered
bind_to_server clntudp_create error: RPC: Program not registered
Can't bind master to send ypclear message to ypserv for map mail.aliases.
Finding NIS servers:Map ypslaves.falcon unknown NIS client error code -- using ypservers
Status received from ypxfr on cobra:
        Failed - ypxfr had an RPC failure

...where 'falcon' is our ypmaster and 'cobra' a ypclient.

Could you please advice us as to what the problem could be?

More details:
OS : SUNOS 4.1.3
Machine : SUN Sparcstation 2
Hostname :falcon
ypmaster : falcon
ypclients: cobra,whale...etc...

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