SUMMERY: Scanner software on a Sun

From: Richard Perlotto (
Date: Fri Dec 16 1994 - 08:42:39 CST

There were a few suggestions, but no clear cheap
solution. Pint (Pint is not Twain) was the only
free solution, but was impossible to compile under
Solaris. A message to the auther went unanswered.

There did not seem to be much of a difference between
all the products, although the Mentalx solution did
provide the most bang for the buck when the entire
Pixel!FX package is bought. It also recieved the
most votes for best product.

Solution Cost Company Phone/Location
----------- -------- -------- -------------------------------
EasyScan $999.00 Pectronics 1-408-867-3180
FirstScan $750.00 ZZYZX 1-800-876-7818
OpenScan $995.00 Apunix 1-619-495-9229
 w/scanner $1900.00 Apunix 1-619-495-9229
PINT free FreeWare
Pixel!FX $1599.00 Mentalx 1-800-636-8259
 w/scanner $1995.00 Mentalx 1-800-636-8259
Pixel!Scan $799.00 Mentalx 1-800-636-8259
 w/scanner $1599.00 Mentalx 1-800-636-8259

The scanner in question is the HP IIcx which sells for
about $950.00 from almost any other source.

Thanks to:
art@physics.Berkeley.EDU (Art Ferruzzi) (Brian Utterback) (David J. Brewer) (Kai Grossjohann) (Joe Turner) (Joachim Koenig) (Kevin Sheehan) (Matthew Wells) (Mike Blandford) (Sudheer) (vuppala)

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