SUMMARY: swap space consumption

Date: Wed Dec 14 1994 - 10:58:50 CST

Dear Sun-Managers,

a while ago I posted an inquiry on how to find swap-space-consuming
processes inside a package of routines.
I got several helpful answers. Here's a short summary:

a) Run and monitor SZ of ps -el
   --> simple but not so comfortable

b) Use a (PD) program called "top" for monitoring. It's great.
   It shows a list of processes, ranks them for cpu use and lists
   the memory associated with each.

   It really helped me tracking down the memory leak.

c) I lots of suggestions to use "purify".
   As far as I know this is a commercial tool.
   I haven't tried it.

d) There was on suggestion to use "proctool".
   I haven't tried it, either.

Thanks to


My original posting was:

> I'm in severe trouble:
> ----------------------
> On a SS10, running Solaris 2.3, all computing activity of a program
> package ends in a deadlock after a certain amount of time.
> The reason is, as far as I have found out using 'sar', a permanent
> decreasing area of available swap space.
> After that the paging activity reaches it's peak and the machine locks up.
> Since I'm requested to find out which of the processes is the reason
> for the swap space consumption, I'd like to ask you if there is someone
> who can give me a piece of advice.
> Is there a way to tell which processes are to be associated with
> used swap space at a certain time (a kind of mapping) ?
> What is the best way to track down the reason for the deadlock ?
> Any comments, hints, experiences etc. are highly welcome.

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