SUMMARY: PPP, SLIP and ZModem for Solaris 2.3

From: Ruben Ruiz (
Date: Wed Dec 14 1994 - 22:37:10 CST

    Hi Sun Managers!

    Many thanks to all who replied. I feel like a dumb since PPP is
included with Solaris 2.3 (For some obscure reasons, we don't have any
documentation about Solaris yet. We will have the answearbook in two weeks).

    Almost everybody told me that PPP comes with Solairs 2.3, and should take
a look at the manual pages for the aspppd (Thanks to Kevin Sheehan). Before
using the PPP that comes with Solaris, the patch 101425-04 should be applied
(Thanks to Ted Nolan and Steve Kirkpatrick). Also, there are other vendors
which provide PPP or SLIP for Solaris 2.3. The ones i got in the messages

netCS Informationstechnik GmbH
Feuerbachstrasse 47/49
Berlin, 12163 Germany
(49) 30 856 9990
FAX (49) 30 855 5218

Morning Star Technologies, Inc.
1760 Zollinger Road
Columbus, OH 43221 USA
(614) 451-1883 (800) 558-7827 (outside OH)
FAX (614) 459-5054

Brixton Systems, Inc.
125 Cambridge Park Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140-2314 USA
(617) 661-6262 (800) BRI-XTON
FAX (617) 547-9820

      Now, talking about ZModem, Seyon has it. You can get it via ftp from in /pub/seyon. This software is X based, so i am not shure if
it can be used from a dumb terminal.

The ones who replied are:

Ted Nolan <>
Steve Kirkpatrick <>
Chris Terry/Computervision <Chris_Terry/>
Kevin Sheehan <>
Tim Evans <>
Chuan Fu <>
Joakim Hartikainen <>
Aydin Edguer <edguer@MorningStar.Com>
Harry H. Sun <>
Pete Teklinski <>
John Malick <>

      Many Thanks to all of you.

Ruben Ruiz

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