SUMMARY: Machine looping on boot-up

From: Sean Ward (
Date: Fri Dec 16 1994 - 06:41:38 CST

Last week I wrote:

> We have a Sun IPC running Solaris 2.3 with *no* patches (I know...). The
> machine has actually been working for quite some time, however, we
> recently moved it, and it won't boot up anymore. It now gives this error
> message almost immediately upon boot up:
> panic:hme_remove - hme not on list.
> It then syncs, reboots, and starts all over again into an endless loop.
> I was able to connect a 4.1.3 disk to it, boot up from that, and run an
> fsck on the Solaris boot disk with no errors.
> Do any of you have any suggestions?
Thanks to: (Jaanus Rauk) (Robert Tag)
uunet!solar.exar.COM!dave (dave)

who offered a number of suggestions. However, the problem turned out to be
something else, for which I feel *really* foolish. Right before we moved
the machine, I had taken out some of its simms, so it ended up with only
8 megs after the move. As all of us (including myself) should know, Solaris
2.x requires 16MB. Sure enough, after I put back in 4 4MB simms, it booted
up fine. Thanks to Sun Tech. Support for catching that.

I'm sure none of us has ever made silly mistakes like this before, right? ;-)


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