SUMMARY: is patch 100075-16 broken ?

From: Martin Achilli (
Date: Wed Dec 14 1994 - 19:35:15 CST

The answer is YES, there is now a new version called 100075-17 which "patches the problem with the patch" I obtained it via ftp from

I would like to thank Sean Ward from the US and Micha Neef from Germany for their lightning fast replies to my question, I hope that I can be this useful to others too.


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original message:

I am running a Sparc 2 with 4.1.3 with 52Mb RAM and 96Mb swap. I applied patch 100075 revision 16 about three weeks ago, there are no other patches. Since then the machine has rebooted about 6-7 times with the following error message:

assertion failed: ld->l_xxx != GRANT_LOCK_FLAG, file: ../../ufs/ufs_lockf.c, line: 995
panic: assertion failed
syncing file systems... done
00000 low-memory static kernel pages
01305 additional static and sysmap kernel pages
00000 dynamic kernel data pages
00184 additional user structure pages
00000 segmap kernel pages
00000 segvn kernel pages
00339 current user process pages
00080 user stack pages
01908 total pages (1908 chunks)

the error is produced when an application called uShare by IPT is used. This application is like CAP and lets us use our Sun as an AFP server for the Macintoshes.
It seems to me that revision 16 of the patch is broken. Is anyone else having problems with this patch or can explain to me why patches introduce more problems instead of solving them ? Can someone send me an older version of 100075 ?

Thank you,

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