Summary: How do I change the scsi transfer rate?

From: John A. Gesualdi (john_gesualdi@ProJo.COM)
Date: Wed Dec 14 1994 - 06:01:16 CST

   Sorry this is so overdue but our News was down.I received many responses.
Thanks for all the input. The answer was given by Fazeel Mufti, Michael R
Zika, Nate Itkin and Reggie Beavers. The procedure to change the scsi transfer
rate for SunOs 4.1.3 is :

To change to the slower async rate, type:
   adb -w /vmunix
   scsi_options?W 58
then reboot the system.

To turn synchronous transfer back on at the highest possible speed, use the
same procedure, replacing the middle line with:
  scsi_options?W 178

  Also pointed out was the fact that this will reduce all scsi ports to
asyncronous rate. We felt this was a steep price to pay performance wise. I
moved the tape drive over to a less congested scsi bus and it's running more
reliably now except for a occasional error.
  Also thanks to Kevin Sheehan,Woobin Lee and Dave Fetrow for their helpful

John A Gesualdi
The Providence Journal Company

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