SUMMARY: HELP -laserjet 4m+ on serial port

From: Rob Allan (
Date: Tue Dec 13 1994 - 01:11:52 CST

My original was for help in attaching an HP laserjet 4m+, with a 9 pin serial
port to a sun sparc with a 25 pin serial port.

Thanks to all for the quick and helpful responses. The 9 pin serial port
is a tricky beast but I was able to get a good pin diagram from a few
people. The final wiring we used (sucessfully) was:

SUN (25 pin) HP (9pin)
    8 1
    3 2
    2 3
   20 4
    7 5
    6 6
    5 8

I confirmed this wiring by using the HP fax back server (doc id: 1595)
This courtesy of Matt Hofener (thanks alot Matt).

The printer worked flawlessly with multiple large PostScript jobs
using a baud of 38400. The printer came with 6MB RAM.

One minor problem, when I added the transcript filters that worked on
their laserwriter, the printer didn't work. They didn't really need
those filters, so I took them off and it worked again.

Other notes: some people said to only use hardware flow control,
one person had used the sun parallel port (not an option on older sparcs),
the final printcap entry is below:


Many thanks to the responders listed below:

Eric Havinga
Mark Lawrence
Leslie Dreyer Kalra
Achim Dreyer
Matt Hofener
Tim Trant

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