SUMMARY: FINAL: Can't see disk from Suninstall

From: David R Courtade (
Date: Sat Dec 17 1994 - 09:04:21 CST

Dear managers,

I have finally solved the mystery of why I could not see a disk from the
suninstall program to install Sun OS 4.1.3_u1. I had been trying a custom
install, since I wanted to not have the home directory on the root disk.
I an last ditch attempt, I tried an easy install. It complained that it
could not find /dev/sd0c. I checked the partitions, and Voila, there was
no c partition defined. I set the c partition to the whole disk, reran
suninstall, and there was my disk. Yes, I feel kind of silly! (I usually
do when I find things I believe I should have known better about. Anyway,
I am once again happy, and setting up my new OS in parallel while keeping
the old OS running most of the time.

Original post:

I am trying to set up Solaris 1.1.1b on a SPARCclassic. The machine has
three disks: sd0 - an internal 207 MB Sun disk, sd3 - an external 1.7GB
conner disk, and sd2 - an external 3.5 GB DEC disk. sd3 currently has
Solaris 2.2 running and I would prefer not to trash that during the

I want to put the new OS on the DEC drive. I have formatted the drive and
even ran newfs on the appropriate partitions. This was done afetr having
booted from CDROM and installing the miniroot. I can see all three disks
from format.

The problem is that when I run suninstall, it only gives me sd1 to use
for the installation. If I remove sd1, no disks are listed on the disk setup.

How can I can get suninstall to see the disk and allow me to install to it.

I'll summarize as soon as I get it to go.


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