SUMMARY: dump and su

Date: Wed Dec 14 1994 - 19:02:52 CST

  Thanks to all who replied.

> user%su
> You do not have permission to su root
> How do I solve it?

The reason you are getting this error is because "user" is not a member
of the wheel gorup om the machine that you are trying to su on. Either add
"user" to the wheel group in the /etc/group file on that machine, or remove
all members of the group wheel, which will all anybody to su to root on that

> 2. dump may cause system hang
> I use shellscript to do dump which contain the line like:
> .....
> rsh ipx2 /etc/rdump 0sfu 160000 sparc12:/dev/rst9 /disk30
> .....
> somehow system hang up or the NIS connection broken.

This can be caused by any number of things. Try specifying the device name
of the disk that you are trying to backup ( eg. /dev/sdxx ) instead of the
mount point, /disk30. also try running the command locally on ipx2 dumping to
a file to determine if the problem is on ipx2 or if its a network issue ...

I do remote dumps along those lines. Try supplying the full
pathname of the rsh command and put single quotes around the rdump
(or dump) command. ie, for a machine called mach1 whose /usr disk
is being dumped to a tape drive (for instance) connected to
machine called mach2, the appropriate command *from mach2* would be:

/usr/bin/rsh mach1 '/usr/etc/rdump <options,f> <params for options
except f> mach2:/dev/<tape drive> /usr'



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