SUMMARY: C shell environment variables

From: Peter Watkins (
Date: Thu Dec 15 1994 - 06:25:11 CST

A few days ago I asked the following question;
> We have an application here that is proving troublesome to
> get working correctly. Much of what we have has been
> inherited so we are largely in the dark. One oddity is that
> the following environment variable has to be set in the
> .cshrc file:
> XFILESEARCHPATH=/usr/openwin/lib/locale/%L/%T/%N%S
> I know that the problems are related to this but what I don't
> understand is all of the %L, %T, %N and %S stuff! I have
> searched the manuals and Answerbook for any hint as to what
> this is doing without success.
> Is there someone out there who can point me at a reference for
> this phraseology or even better explain what is going on.

I received a number of answers which have pointed me in the right direction.
The complete answer, as several people pointed out, is rather long and
complicated. When I have time I will read everything but for now here are
the responses;

 1) It's all to do with X-windows/Motif programming.

 2) Try 'man locale', 'man XtResolvePathname', 'man setlocale'.
    Now how was I to know that this was where to look - everyone agreed
    that the documentation for this item was poor for 'normal' (non X
    programmers) users.

 3) Post to USENET group for more information.

 4) Richard.Hellier <> sent me an X FAQ which, as he puts
    it, ".. goes into detail on the mystery of XFILESEARCHPATH and its
    friends!". He, and several others, summarized the %N etc terminology
    as follows;

    The value of XFILESEARCHPATH is a colon-separated list of pathnames.
    The pathnames contain replacement characters as follows (see XtResolvePathname()):

        %N The value of the filename parameter, or the
                application's class name.
        %T The value of the file "type". In this case, the
                literal string "app-defaults"
        %C customization resource (R5 only)
        %S Suffix. None for app-defaults.
        %L Language, locale, and codeset (e.g. "ja_JP.EUC")
        %l Language part of %L (e.g. "ja")
        %t The territory part of the display's language string
        %c The codeset part of the display's language string

    If anybody wants the full X FAQ please contact me directly.

Thanks to:
Richard.Hellier <>
bernards@ECN.NL (Marcel Bernards)
Kai Grossjohann <> (Robin Marquis) (Donald McLachlan)
vitec! (John Sutton) (Robert Tag)
Roi Gift <>

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