Summary: Arp addresses.

From: Stephen Pendleton (
Date: Fri Dec 16 1994 - 21:54:36 CST

My original question was:
I am attempting to set up an arp entry for a slip connection. I did an
"arp -s golem-slip <ethernet-address> pub" on the slip host machine.
The node golem-slip is the name of the connected slip machine.
If I do an "arp golem-slip" on the slip host machine I get:
golem-slip ( at 8:0:20:4:42:a0 permanent published
which is correct.
However if I move to another machine on the network an do an
"arp golem-slip" I get:
golem-slip ( -- no entry
My question is:
How do I make the arp entry propagate to all the machines in the network?
Is there a daemon that should be running on the host machine? I am running
rarpd on the ethernet port. Is there something I am missing?

The solution is:
Apparently I was very confused. Mr. Gregg Siegfried pointed out:

you misunderstand the mechanics of proxy arp.
You only want the entry on the single machine which directly
connects to the remote machine. That way, other machines on the
net will have their arp requests responded to by the machine hosting
the slip connection.


The reason I was confused about this is because I am having trouble
setting up slip services. For some reason we can do a sliplogin OK via
a modem connection but then we can only connect to machines that have
the arp address of the slip host machine in their arp tables. I have it
set up so that the slip attached machine has the same ethernet address
entry as the slip host e.g:
golem-slip ( at 8:0:20:4:42:a0 permanent published
and the host golem is:
golem ( at 8:0:20:4:42:a0

        Maybe this is the wrong approach to take but I am at my wits end
on this. Anyone get Slip to work with SunOS4.1.3 running Suns in.routed?

Thanks to Gregg Siegfried!



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