SUMMARY: (short) Re: Strange DNSness with a single machine

From: Stephen Potter (
Date: Wed Dec 14 1994 - 09:32:46 CST

Mucho Many Thanks to Rik Anderson (<ric@Artisoft.COM>) and a couple hours of
sleep for the solution to my problem. My original question was not very clear
as to what the problem was, but Ric was able to do some debugging work with
nslookup and figure out a starting point for me.

I had set up DNS correctly, and all the host->IP mappings were correct.
 However, when I set up the IP->host map, I got tired and had put about a dozen
machines in as instead of

Ric, hope you're not job hunting and that you don't mind if I don't tell my
boss your name. ;-)

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