Summary Xlock on Sparc Classic

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Date: Tue Dec 13 1994 - 18:59:56 CST

many apologies to those trying to respond to me via reply with mail. WE
have recently made a change to sendmail and now the workstation name is
appearing in the address.

Back to the summary. Many thanks to Gordon Rowell for providing the
correct solution and for being persistent in getting me the answer.

The original question:
> Does anyone know how to get screenlock or xlock to work on a SparClassic?
> Do I need to obtain some PD software? If yes, any recommendations?
> Currently, when issuing lockscreen the error returned is:
> xlock: can't lock terminalname display

and the answer:
If that's a SPARCclassic-X (i.e. the Xterminal version), try

xlock -remote .....

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