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Date: Thu Dec 15 1994 - 10:31:59 CST

My original question was the following:

>Hi managers,
> This may not be the appropriate place for this question, but since I
>don't know where else to go, here it is. Can anyone tell me if there is an
>quivalent forum to Sun Managers for HP?



I received many "me too's" from people who were interested in this. Many thanks to all who responded. Here is what I found:

From: "Herve DEMARTHE (CEA France)" <>

Here it is (from USENET newsgroup news.lists,news.answers)
archive name mail/mailing-lists/part[a number]
list maintained by (Stephanie da Silva)
(perhaps a cousin ;-)

hpux-admin (HP-UX Administrators Mailing List)

    Purpose: To discuss matters related to HP-UX System Administration.

    Commands should be sent in the body of an email message to
    "" or to "".

    Problems, questions, suggestions and the like should go to the address

| Herve DEMARTHE %^) E-Mail: |
| CEA/DSM/DRFC/STEP Tel: +33 42257527 Fax: +33 42252661 |
| CEN Cadarache Bt 506 13108 St Paul Lez Durance FRANCE |
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From: Hans Berggren <>

Hello Joe,

Yes, there is a list called HP-UX ADMIN. To subscribe see below.



+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- +
  To subscribe/unsubscribe to this list, contact
  Please send contributions for the mailing list to:
  Please contact the mailing-list-owner as:


Hans Berggren
Royal Institute of Technology
Department of Electronics, ESDLab
PO Electrum 229, S-164 40 KISTA, SWEDEN
Tel: +46 8 752 14 00   Fax: +46 8 752 12 40

From: (Peter Allan)

HPMINI-L%UAFSYSB.BITNET@VM1.NODAK.EDU Mailing list to address hardware and software issues, as they relate to the Hewlett Packard 9000 series (9000/825, 9000/835, 9000/840, etc). Initially, the operating system will be limited to HP/UX. To subscribe to the list send the message: SUB HPMINI-L your_real_name (where "your_real_name" is your name, not your userid) to LISTSERV@UAFSYSB.BITNET in the text/body of a message or in the text of an interactive command like TELL or SEND (if available). Non-BItNet users can send the command in the body of a message to LISTSERV%UAFSYSB.BITNET@ VM1.NODAK.EDU. Coordinator: Christopher Corke <CC06067%UAFSYSB.BITNET@VM1.NODAK.EDU> ccc1@uafhp.UUCP

The above is an extract from a large list: netinfo/interest-groups

Peter Allan

From: Nate Itkin <>

A compilation of public Internet e-mail lists can be obtained from or As the name implies, RTFM at MIT is a good place to go with these type of questions. You can thank Stephanie da Silva for maintaining the compilation of e-mail lists. hpux-admin (HP-UX Administrators Mailing List) Contact: Purpose: To discuss matters related to HP-UX System Administration. Commands should be sent in the body of an email message to "" or to "". Problems, questions, suggestions and the like should go to the address "".

From: Dave <>

Hi, There is an HP list for HP-UX. Send email to: with the subject subscribe

It's pretty similar to the Sun managers list except the participants aren't quite as good about not posting replies and remembering to post summaries.

Bye, Dave -- -------------------------------------------------------------- Hughes Aircraft Company, El Segundo, California email:

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