SUMMARY Banner page under Solaris 2.4

From: Richard Skelton (
Date: Wed Dec 14 1994 - 11:53:28 CST

Hi sun-managers,
So far I have 16 replies.
AsI wanted to turn off banner pages for all printers I modified the file
and changed :-
I then ran lpadmin:-
lpadmin -p qms -m standard

This has sorted the problem!!!
Most people said I could use the nobanner option but I wanted to stop banners
all together.
The "Not required" setting in admintool gives the user the option to issue the
'-o nobanner' option.

Thanks to:-
Tim Wort <>
George Pallas <>
Mike Jones <>
Koen Peeters <>
Martin Oakes <>
Thomas Koetter <>
Irana Whitaker-Patel <>
Mark S. Anderson <>
Jerry Weber CIC-2 <>
Robert Tag <>
Tom Plesha <>
chris habasinski <>
dave <>
Rey Santos <>
John Hearns - System Manager <>
Ruben Ruiz <>

Hope this helps someone.

Richard Skelton | e-mail :

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