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Date: Mon Dec 12 1994 - 22:12:46 CST

The question was:
> I have a DNS server for a specific zone
> we call
> Obviously we are connected to the Internet.
> The DNS server which is running on a 3/470 is running
> SunOS4.1.1
> The DNS server is working fine.
> Pop3 software is running on the 3/470
> and PC's running Internet chameleon are
> dialing-in to a terminal server
> using slip and accessing mail.
> Mail seems to send and receive from the PC's
> to the Internet with no problems except
> the domain name gets truncated so that the receiver of the
> message only sees the first part of the domain name.
> ex:
> From:fred@jo

The answer after weeks of looking through scripts:

R$*<@LOCAL>$* $:$1
R$-<@$-> $:$>3${Z$1@$2$} invert aliases
R$*<@$+.$*>$* $@$1<@$2.$3>$4 already ok
R$+<@$+>$* $@$1<@$2.$m>$3 tack on our domain
***CHANGE THE $m to $w in the following rule***
R$+ $@$1<@$m> tack on our full name

Another good idea was from Carl Hughey
Network Systems Administrator

Go into mail application. Choose "Settings/
Preferences/Advanced". In the from field, put in the user's return
address as you want it to appear in outgoing mail. (e.g.,

                                Thanks Everyone who responded.

                                        John Ciesla

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