SUMMARY: Xyplex TS Printer setup

From: Roger Krinock (
Date: Tue Dec 06 1994 - 20:39:42 CST

My original question was how to set up a printer hung from a Xyplex terminal
server using the Xyplex filter.

Thanks to :

Doug (Sorry, I lost the paper where I wrote down your name, but he called me
       with an answer.) (John Justin Hough) (Mark Mellman)

The answer was to look in the Xyplex manual, which I have no clue why I did'nt
think of it. Anyhow, here is the detailes.

Under SVR4 operating systems, each local printer has a script under
/etc/lp/interface/<printername>. As Doug mentioned, what needed to be done
was add a ( at the beginning of the script and a ) at the end of the script
and then pipe the entire output of that script to the filter that Xyplex
provides, including the TS IP address and the port number and any options.
Doug also mentioned that when using printtool to create the printer, use
/dev/null as the port for the printer.

I put and this in, and it started working like a charm. One thing I did have
to change was the -verbose option that I use on our current SunOS system to
log print jobs. If this is included the user printing the job gets a mail
message from lp showing the verbose messages from the filter. I took this out
to avoid the "what does this message" mean from the users.

Thanks again Doug and again sorry about not including your whole name for


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