SUMMARY: Solaris and HP-UX

From: Christian Masopust (
Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 18:11:07 CST

Original question was:

>I've a Sparcstation 10 running Solaris 2.3 and NIS+ in compatibility-mode
>(-Y). I wanted to setup a HP with HP-UX 9.05 as YP-client to my NIS+ -
>server and got the following error:
>.... RPC call to <server(SUN)> failed: RPC_UNKNOWN_PROCEDURE
>when snooping the calls I see that rpc.nisd answers the call to
>NIS-procedure 0, but calling the first table leads to the error above.
>Setting up a SUN (Solaris 2.3) as YP-client to the same NIS+ - server
>works, setting up one HP as YP-server and the other as YP-client works,
>and setting up on HP as YP-server and one SUN as YP-client works, too!

Some responses and one call from SNI-Munich (which helped most)

My problems were:

1) I did an ypinit -s at the HP-workstation which is used to setup a
   yp-slave (!) server and this don't work.
   Sorry, my mistake, should read the man-pages more carefully!

2) starting ypinit (either with the -ypset flag or not) and setting
   the server to use with ypset didn't help because my server and
   the HP-workstation are on different subnets!
   Doing an ypset <servername> (servername is in /etc/hosts!) cause
   ypinit to search for the IP-address of the server in the nis-maps,
   but ypinit is not bound, so it's looking for it's server by broadcast ....


   Call ypset with IP-address and everything works fine!

I didn't have the time to look at the problem with ypset, maybe this is a
bug in HP-UX....

Thanks for your help: (Steve Kappel)
Roland Kaltefleiter <> (Michael Scott)

and special thanks to:

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