SUMMARY: Solaris "ps" returns "ftw() failed, File name too long"

From: Daneel Pang Swee Chee (
Date: Tue Dec 06 1994 - 03:56:21 CST

Most people suggested using "truss" on "ps" to see where it goes into
a loop. Some identified that there is possibly a null or recursive symlink
that "ps" is hitting, most probably in /dev (with /dev/ being most
common). Simply remove the entry and reboot (suggested to do a "boot -r").
The Sun's install process sometimes causes this, and a "ungraceful" shutdown
sometimes causes this too. Some says that a full "/tmp" once caused this, and
wrong permission on "/dev" also caused this. I didn't have the latter problem.
In my case, it turns out that the install process had accidentally created
a new set of devices in /dev/dsk that had strange symlinks, including a link
similar to the following:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root 84 Sep 4 1993 c0t6f0s6 -> Install .... <a machine
name> ...

Removal of these offending entries solved the problem.

Thanks to all. I should really have tried the "truss" first.

:) Subject: Solaris "ps" returns "ftw() failed, File name too long"
:) Hi, I've recently upgraded my Solaris from 2.2 to 2.3 and now the
:) ps doesn't work, it returns "ftw() failed, File name too long"
:) Any pointers will be appreciated!
:) Thanks

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stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM Mon Nov 28 12:09:03 1994

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