SUMMARY: Name resolution on 4.1.3: bind vs. nis vs. hosts

Date: Fri Dec 09 1994 - 23:20:26 CST

Heh heh. Sorry for posting a FAQ. (But then, if somebody didn't Frequently
Ask it, it wouldn't be a FAQ, now, would it? ;v) After digging up the RIGHT
FAQ (as opposed to the Solaris 2 faq), I'm much better off. The basic
summary is that you can either (1) rebuild your and libc.a (and
all of your statically linked rpc_ binaries) to use DNS, or (2) run a stubby
NIS so that the clients go "in nis? no. okay, I'll try dns." (If there's no
hosts map, or you're not running NIS, they won't even try.) I think I'll
opt for (2), since it looks like it involves a lot less work, and also has
the pleasant side effect of being a sloppy hack. :v)

The other question was whether I could just have our OSF/1 NIS server do
DNS lookups for all the other hosts in our network, and the answer is
apparently that the OSF NIS server doesn't support that feature. (I'm curious
how it's implemented on Suns -- I thought each client kept a local copy
of the hosts map, so why would they go off to the server if a key wasn't
found in that local copy of the map?)

Thanks (and sorry for FAQing) to:
anthony baxter <> (Greg Roberts) (Tim Evans)
Scott Spevacek <> (Ronald L. Stamp)
Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon <> (Lupemaria Beal)
Bryan Dunlap <>


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