SUMMARY: Cannot see disk from suninstall

From: David R Courtade (
Date: Tue Dec 06 1994 - 19:18:19 CST

I'm still having a problem seeing any disk but the disk which I don't
want to overwrite. I got around this by the following:
 Dump/restore the current / and /usr to the new disk
 Run installboot, check that the new disk boots.
 Boot from CDROM, install the new OS on the old disk
 Dump this / and /usr to files in another partition
 Restore the original OS to its original place
 Restore the new OS to the new disk.
I can now boot either OS. This is not the easiest way, but at least it
worked. The answer to my original question (included below) was not found.
My SCSI bus operates fine (two respondants questioned that).

Thanks for the effort to:

Daniel Fitzwilliam
Robert Tag
Tim Wort


Original message

I am trying to set up Solaris 1.1.1b on a SPARCclassic. The machine has
three disks: sd0 - an internal 207 MB Sun disk, sd3 - an external 1.7GB
conner disk, and sd2 - an external 3.5 GB DEC disk. sd3 currently has
Solaris 2.2 running and I would prefer not to trash that during the

I want to put the new OS on the DEC drive. I have formatted the drive and
even ran newfs on the appropriate partitions. This was done afetr having
booted from CDROM and installing the miniroot. I can see all three disks
from format.

The problem is that when I run suninstall, it only gives me sd1 to use
for the installation. If I remove sd1, no disks are listed on the disk setup.

How can I can get suninstall to see the disk and allow me to install to it.

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