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Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 04:15:44 CST

Geert Touquet (Geert.Touquet@UZ.KULEUVEN.AC.BE) wrote:
: Hello

: Glenn Satchell advise me to install patch 101318: Synopsis: SunOS 5.3:
: Jumbo NIS+ patch, automountd security, autofs and loopback mounts

: Some other problems were solved with this patch, but not the problem
: with the automounter. thanks for the advise

: The answer of Jim McLean-Lipinski is a typically answer :
: would have to say a bug. We see a similar thing at our site, actually
: it gets worse, If someone automounts a non local home directory, and then
: loses their connection, they will not be unmounted and the automounter will
: hange for all other users as well. We did not see this behavior under 4.1.3.
: Only when we went to Solaris 2.x did it show up. Our configuration has not
: changed from when we were running 4.1.3 so that leads me to believe that is
: YASB (Yet Another Solaris Bug) although getting Sun to admit that has been
: fruitless. They claim that we are the only site that is reporting this type
: of problem. They obviously don't read this list because I've counted 3 sites
: here. Not having the staff to really dedicate time to this, I'm just waiting
: to see if it is fixed in 2.4 :(

: Thanks to Glenn Satchell, Gene Loriot
: Me too : Jim McLean-Lipinski
: Hearns
: Ian Lee
: Suzanna Vasquezs

: Thanks

: Touquet Geert

        [ stuff]

: >
: > Bug ? Our configuration ???
: >
        definately a bug, i've been talking to sun about this for about
        a month now, they've escalated it to be fixed. so far they have
        sent me 2 new versions of 101318 both of which had to be removed
        because they broke the system, I'm now waiting for news. This
        bug is serious for us because of the performance hit we experience
        when automount is trying to umount the 800+ home directories it
        has built up over the day by failing to unmount users.

        Bug number is 1169257 if you want to talk to sun about it.

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