SUMMARY - WangDAT on Sun 4.1.3

From: Andrew F. Mitchell (
Date: Sat Dec 10 1994 - 00:32:24 CST

I originally posted (some time ago) that I was having trouble
getting a WangDAT 6130-HS running on my Sun Sparc2 running 4.1.3.

I received only two responses. Luckily, those two were all that
were needed. ;-)

The first respondent was "Kevin A. Noll" <>
who gave me the following info:

You have to modify the kernel files in /sys/scsi/targets.

You need the following in your st_conf.c file

---------- snip ------------- snip -----------------

/* WangDAT Model 3200 4mm Helical Scan 2GB drive */
/* Added by K. A. Noll 1 Jun 1994 */
        "WangDAT Model 3200", 18, "WangDAT Model 3200",
        ST_TYPE_WANGDAT, 1024,
        5000, 5000,
        { 0x00, 0x8C, 0x8C, 0x8C },
        { 0, 0, 0, 0 }


This is basically a copy of the Archive Python entry w/ appropriate

You also need the following in the stdef.h file.

#define ST_TYPE_WANGDAT 0x2b /* WangDAT */

where I substituted

        "WangDAT Model 6130", 18, "WANGTEK 6130-HS",

for the first line in st_conf.c. After recompiling, I was saddened
to find that the drive still did not work. About a week later I got
a message from (I am really sorry not to be able to give credit where
credit is due, but I have misplaced his message. Sorry) someone else
saying that the second quoted entry in the st_conf.c file must match
EXACTLY the line that shows up at boot time when the drive is probed.
So I changed the line to

        "WangDAT Model 6130", 18, "WANGTEK 6130-HS ",

What do you know - that did the trick. Unbelievable. Whoever
you are - thanks a lot!


Andrew Mitchell
System Administrator UF MRI Lab
    "There is no difference between theory and practice - in theory."

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