SUMMARY (partial) Communications with Russia.

From: John Mc Grath (ext-adm!
Date: Thu Dec 08 1994 - 07:40:39 CST

Sorry for being sooooo late with the summary, but we haven't completed
our research as yet. Following are the responses I received from the net.
When we do make connections I will post a complete summary.

Many thanks to all how responded.

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Subject: Communications with Russia.
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I have the questionable task of tring to set up reliable voice and
data communications with a small town in Russia. Before I go crazy
tring to locate information I thought I would try here.

Has anyone set up a 56K line with Russia, If yes, Who do I contact.

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From: Yves Lepage <uunet!CC.McGill.CA!yves>
I have a friend who works in Russia dealing with data comm. I've
forwarded your email to him. If you are interested, his email address is (Jack Cummings).

Jim Thompson

From: uunet!!stpeters (Dick St.Peters)

This machine is in russia and is on the net.

Maybe the people there can help you.


Try sending mail to (Dima Ruban).

Yves Lepage

From: Doug Neuhauser <uunet!!doug>
I forwarded your inquiry to Simon Poole <> at EUNet.
They provide Internet service to/in Russia.

Dick St.Peters, Gatekeeper, Pearly Gateway, Ballston Spa, NY when at GE R&D

You could try Holly Given ( I believe they may have data communication channels with Russia for seismic datalogging.

-------------------------------------------------------- Doug Neuhauser Seismographic Station

From: Brian Styles <uunet!!brian.styles> Well, I suggest you contact the Mafia. They will have one. Joking apart, please summarise... my Institute has collaborative tie-ups with the FSU and it's a source of extreme frustration to be unable, e.g. to login to the machine I installed there a couple of years back.

-Brian Styles

From: "Michael (M.A.) Meystel" <uunet!pucc.Princeton.EDU!MEYSTMA%DUVM.BITNET> Hello,

Your question is better posted to

In the meantime, talk to (you can look up contact info in the InterNIC database) and also the San Francisco-Moscow Teleport (SFMT).

What city in Russia are you trying to set up communications with? There may already be an existing UUCP node there. There are also many existing packet-modem nodes in many cities in Russia.

Your task may further be complicated by the regulations of the Russian PTT.

Please let me know exactly what you intend to do, and with whom (what agency/organization), and I will try to help you find out who to talk to.



From: uunet!!Birger.Wathne (Birger A. Wathne) 'Me too'.....

I know one russian site has been connected to the internet as a subdomain in a norwegian site because they couldn't get it done properly :^I They somehow seem to have got a fixed line between this russian town and the nearest norwegian town (they are both close to the border), and handled it on the norwegian side... I'm not shure, but I think they said something abouth even that line being hooked up by the norwegian telecom...

I guess they should somehow get a russian doman name for these guys, but they should still route through the norwegian site. So if you find the right authorities, send me a note, and I'll pass it on.


From: uunet!TI.Uni-Trier.DE!bern (Jochen Bern) Ugh! If that Town's as much average as you make it sound, you don't want to do it with Lines in the first Place, but use a Satellite Link. The first Thing I'ld do is to ask the Guys over there whether *they* consider their Phone Lines reliable enough - don't assume that any Lines you can get will be more reliable than that.

If the "small Town" is close enough to "really populated Places", you might have the Possibility to get an Internet Connection. AFAIK, EUnet is active in that Area. Try asking russian IN Sites for what's currently available (if you have none, look at the Tchernobyl WWW Site; Sorry, don't have the URL handy).

Regards, J. Bern --

uunet!!mel (Andrew Mellanby) I've been involved with establishing email communications with Russia. The Russian Internet People are at Relcom in Moscow - my contact was This was all over a year ago and in a previous job so the contact may have changed since but I reckon may be worth a shot. I've never been to Russia though my boss had - we just boght a bog-standard modem (14.4k with MNP 5) and let the Russians get on with it. The phone system in Russia is TERRIBLE (ie unreliable, prone to errors, prone to getting cut off and VERY expensive)

Good luck (you'll need it) Andrew Mellanby

From: uunet!!lipscomb Hi,

I have been talking with some students in Minsk, Belarus in the former Soviet Union. You can reach the manager at

Also, there is a person in St. Petersburg, Russia that I have talked with in the past: Konstantin Lyakhov



From: uunet!!nrd You want to get a hold of relcom, in Moscow.

I wouldn't count on their phone system. Inside Russia they use 2400 MNP5 modems. Much more than that, isn't reliable.

You will want to get a satilite link.

There is a huge UUCP (email) network in Russia. That is via relcom. I haven't talk to people there for a while.

Let me know if you want more on Relcom.


From: uunet!!andr (Andrei Arkhipov) Voice over IP? MBone? No problem. Look at for more information.


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