From: K. Bader (bader@nadc.nadc.navy.mil)
Date: Tue Dec 06 1994 - 01:49:43 CST

Sun Managers,

        Thank you for all your responses to my question concerning
using IBM RISC/6000 disks on a Sun. It works!
        At first I took the scsiping program graciously sent by
Eckhard Rueggeberg and created a dummy label as suggested with
1 cyl 1 head 1 sec and tried to run scsiping on /dev/rsd2c. I kept
getting an error that the device wasn't found. Then I decided to get
scsiinfo from ftp.cs.uni-sb.de as suggested by Ulla Fischer and see if
there was a manual page for that. Well there was and it was run the
same as I was running scsiping and I got the same error. So finally
I decided to partition "C" from 0/ to 1/ and relabel. Then scsiinfo
and scsiping both worked with few differences. I decided to go with the
scsiinfo output since it was easier to save to a file. Hope this
wasn't a bad choice. After adding the entry to format.dat I reselected
a disk type, repartitioned, relabeled, newfs'd, fsck'd and mounted
and so far so good. Thanks for all the help. I would not have gotten it
without you.


Thanks to:

* Eckhard Rueggeberg and Ulla Fischer

Jon Mellott
Dan Stromberg
Dave Fetrow

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