SUMMARY: Tektronix Phaser 200e

From: Fausto Almeida (
Date: Fri Dec 02 1994 - 19:48:23 CST


I'm sorry for the delay, but I wasn't totaly successfull in resolving the
problem of printing Sun raster files in a Tektronix Phaser200e.

As several people pointed out

> The Phaser series accepts Postscript and HP-GL *ONLY*. If you send
> it a raster file, it will just complain at you.

Most of the replies recomended converting Sun raster to PS
> If you wish to print a raster file on a Phaser-series printer, you must
> convert the file.

Which I did.
Using SunOS 4.1.3 utilities like rash and ras2ps. But the printer doesn't
recognize the postscript generated by these utilities.
(strange because I was able to print several ps files included with openwin)

I also tried to do the convertion in a machine runing Solaris 2.3, the files
generated were printed but with a substancial loss of quality.

Anyway I wanted to print a full screen which generates a ps file of over 2M,
and I allways got an error saying the file was too big.

Maybe a good solution would be to buy PhaserPrint like some pointed out

> Tektronix sells their Phaser Print software which does
> on-the-fly translation, and company in San Jose called AutoGraph
> International sells a product called EasyCopy which will allow you to
> print from a variety of input formats to a wide selection of printers,
> including most thermal-transfer, dye sublimation, and color inkjet.

I also tried the program convert. But like Sun utilities the postscript
wasn't recognized by the printer.

> A free alternative is to get the program "convert" (part of the ImageMagick
> package) and use that to convert to a Postscript file, then print that. I
> have done that successfully from .ras, .gif, and .jpeg files with no
> discernable loss of quality. Speed is, of course, relative to the
> machine you are trying to convert on.

I finaly succeeded in printing a screenfull of a sun by converting (with
convert) the raster to PICT (MacIntosh format) and after connecting the printer
to an appletalk network and printing this file using a MacIntosh.

The result was perfect, but some colors are not rendered solid by the printer
so you must be carefull in the choice of colors you make.

Anyway if we decide to keep the printer we may opt to buy Tektronix Software:
Phaser Print.

I hope this helps.


Thanks to all that replied:

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