SUMMARY: Mosaic and DBMS via SQL

Date: Fri Dec 02 1994 - 16:32:52 CST

Hi to all,

my original question was :
> Can Mosaic access DBMS (i.e. Oracle) via SQL ?

------------------------------- SUMMARY --------------------------------------

- Mosaic has no built-in support for DBMS via SQL (at the moment)
- This doesn't mean that you can't do it. In fact you can :
  1- Use PERL to build procedure that take data from an HTML form, send queries to the DB and then convert the query output in HTML again.
The most important DB's have PERL extensions : ORAPERL for Oracle, SYPERL for Sybase, INGRAPERL for Ingres, etc.. (See the comp.lang.perl neswgroup).
  2- Get GQSL, a gateway program that provides a forms interface to SQL DBMS's.
Try the URL
it's a good start point with examples.

I haven't tested GSQL yet. At the moment I am reading the documentation; it seems to be a very good solution to the purpose.

For GSQL and related software many thanks to (sorry for using simply your e-mail addresses) and (I'll send you news about my next use of GQSL).
Thanks also to margaret cobleigh ( who provided the URL above.

Other interesting URL's are :

Finally many thanks to all the people who responded :
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